LJD Releases Cybernetics with C02 “Kenraku”!

La Jolie Designs is proud to announce the relaunch of our cybernetics products with Gridwear Series C.  While the first release, C01 “Cala”, was a group exclusive and will not be re-released on the Marketplace, our second cybernetic system “Kenraku” has been!  This comes with a tattoo layer that is compatible with the classic LindenContinue reading “LJD Releases Cybernetics with C02 “Kenraku”!”

M26 “Banar” Hologram Reveal

Here’s a preview of a new set coming soon.  Still uncertain if I want to release as-is, include a latex suit, body holos, or both.  M26 Banar includes a MASSIVE aura that surrounds the wearer and protects them.  Every part of the aura moves and rotates – it’s the swirliest holo I’ve made yet.  Also,Continue reading “M26 “Banar” Hologram Reveal”

S06 “Bina” Latex Bodysuit Released!

Gridwear S06 “Bina”, our first latex bodysuit, has been released on the Marketplace.  This set comes in a variety of colors which will be the palette for future fetishwear from La Jolie Designs.  Click the colors below to go to that color’s listing: Abyss (black) Blush (pink) Chrome (silver/grey) Earth (brown) Majesty (purple) Nude (transparentContinue reading “S06 “Bina” Latex Bodysuit Released!”

In-World Store Is Closing

Hello, dear readers.  It’s been an amazing three years since I opened the doors for La Jolie Designs (“DiGi: Digital Fancy” at the time), but it’s time for a new chapter to begin in my store’s life.  Effective Monday, February 8th, La Jolie Designs will only be available on the Second Life Marketplace. Now don’tContinue reading “In-World Store Is Closing”