S06 “Bina” Latex Bodysuit Released!

Gridwear S06 “Bina”, our first latex bodysuit, has been released on the Marketplace.  This set comes in a variety of colors which will be the palette for future fetishwear from La Jolie Designs.  Click the colors below to go to that color’s listing:

Abyss (black)

Blush (pink)

Chrome (silver/grey)

Earth (brown)

Majesty (purple)

Nude (transparent – “beige” is NOT nude!)

Ocean (blue)

Passion (red)

Sunshine (yellow)

Verdance (green)

Each one also comes with super sexy gloves and stockings:


S06 “Bina” is the first in a new series of bodysuits at La Jolie Designs.  Check back for new releases!


Shine on!

Shinga Zahm

La Jolie Designs


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