A Few WIP Holos

M17 “Aleske” is a very special set to me.  It’s actually one of the first holograms that I started to work on (#4 I think, after Equinox, Absolution, and Sun Stealer).  Originally it was titled “Whisper” and featured a hologram blindfold along with some very JRPG-ish wings in the back.  My inspiration for it was heavily based off of the Ritualist class from Guild Wars and a little bit of Xenosaga flair.  Well, after three years, I’m finally making it.  So here’s some pictures of how it’s coming along.

Making the blindfold in Blender:


Rezzing the backpiece in-world (got to get some use out of that front yard!):


The concept I have in my mind for this set is going to be sweet, especially if you’re into an anime look!


Also here is M10 “Shattered”, another old hologram.  The idea behind this one is a set made of shattered glass.  Here’s a picture of it in Blender:


After 9 months, I’m still uncertain about that chest piece.


Last up there’s M15 “Adherent”.  I’m a huuuuuge fan of World of Warcraft, and when I saw the character designs in Spires of Arak I knew I had to make something based off of them.  Here’s a couple of pictures of M15 “Adherent”, which is based off of those bird-brained NPCs:

M15 prev 1

M15 prev 2


Shine on!

Shinga Zahm

La Jolie Designs


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