J04 “Maraj” Dollarbie Released

Hey all!

I just released a new hologram on the Marketplace, J04 “Maraj”.  This one is actually a bit of an experiment in making hologram lingerie.  I have a few others cooking in Blender as well.  Hope you enjoy!  You can grab it here.


J04 Ad Main


LJD Releases Cybernetics with C02 “Kenraku”!

La Jolie Designs is proud to announce the relaunch of our cybernetics products with Gridwear Series C.  While the first release, C01 “Cala”, was a group exclusive and will not be re-released on the Marketplace, our second cybernetic system “Kenraku” has been!  This comes with a tattoo layer that is compatible with the classic Linden Labs avatar and Omega appliers as well.  You can pick this up at the Marketplace at this link.

C02 Main Ad PNG


I have a few more ideas for Series C drawn out.  If Kenraku does well then I would highly anticipate more cybernetics to be released this year.


Shine on!

Shinga Zahm

La Jolie Designs

M26 “Banar” Hologram Reveal

Here’s a preview of a new set coming soon.  Still uncertain if I want to release as-is, include a latex suit, body holos, or both.  M26 Banar includes a MASSIVE aura that surrounds the wearer and protects them.  Every part of the aura moves and rotates – it’s the swirliest holo I’ve made yet.  Also, holo kitty ears because why not?




Shine on!

Shinga Zahm

La Jolie Designs

A Few WIP Holos

M17 “Aleske” is a very special set to me.  It’s actually one of the first holograms that I started to work on (#4 I think, after Equinox, Absolution, and Sun Stealer).  Originally it was titled “Whisper” and featured a hologram blindfold along with some very JRPG-ish wings in the back.  My inspiration for it was heavily based off of the Ritualist class from Guild Wars and a little bit of Xenosaga flair.  Well, after three years, I’m finally making it.  So here’s some pictures of how it’s coming along.

Making the blindfold in Blender:


Rezzing the backpiece in-world (got to get some use out of that front yard!):


The concept I have in my mind for this set is going to be sweet, especially if you’re into an anime look!


Also here is M10 “Shattered”, another old hologram.  The idea behind this one is a set made of shattered glass.  Here’s a picture of it in Blender:


After 9 months, I’m still uncertain about that chest piece.


Last up there’s M15 “Adherent”.  I’m a huuuuuge fan of World of Warcraft, and when I saw the character designs in Spires of Arak I knew I had to make something based off of them.  Here’s a couple of pictures of M15 “Adherent”, which is based off of those bird-brained NPCs:

M15 prev 1

M15 prev 2


Shine on!

Shinga Zahm

La Jolie Designs

S06 “Bina” Latex Bodysuit Released!

Gridwear S06 “Bina”, our first latex bodysuit, has been released on the Marketplace.  This set comes in a variety of colors which will be the palette for future fetishwear from La Jolie Designs.  Click the colors below to go to that color’s listing:

Abyss (black)

Blush (pink)

Chrome (silver/grey)

Earth (brown)

Majesty (purple)

Nude (transparent – “beige” is NOT nude!)

Ocean (blue)

Passion (red)

Sunshine (yellow)

Verdance (green)

Each one also comes with super sexy gloves and stockings:


S06 “Bina” is the first in a new series of bodysuits at La Jolie Designs.  Check back for new releases!


Shine on!

Shinga Zahm

La Jolie Designs

In-World Store Is Closing

Hello, dear readers.  It’s been an amazing three years since I opened the doors for La Jolie Designs (“DiGi: Digital Fancy” at the time), but it’s time for a new chapter to begin in my store’s life.  Effective Monday, February 8th, La Jolie Designs will only be available on the Second Life Marketplace.

Now don’t freak out! 

Still with me?  Good.  YES I am still making new products!  M17 “Aleske” and M26 “Banar” are coming along nicely and should be ready for release soon, and I’m looking back at my older WIP holograms and seeing how I can pep them up to my current standards.  (I’m staring at you “Shattered”, “Melody”, and “Adherent”!)  I’ve also started working on bodysuits and latex with the first of this new generation of clothing, S06 “Bina”, having been released last week:S06 Abyss Ad

Such sexy.  Bonus points to you if you can figure out who my reference model was for that suit.

M24 “Sesartes” is also ready for release and simply needs a better photo before it’s ready for your consumption!  Expect this beauty to pop on the Marketplace in the next week:

M24 Main Ad - TFH

Yes, those holo crystals are included.  No, that is not the only arrangement M24 comes in either.

I’ve already closed registrations for the DiGi group since the in-world discount is no longer applicable.  When LJD returns in-world it won’t be using that old group anyways since the names don’t even match anymore.

So why close down?

Time.  Real life has kept me from enjoying Second Life and my store as much as I would like.  The past few months have been a real strain with trying to keep up with effectively two stores (In-world and Marketplace) along with juggling real life and my own recreation on Second Life.  I’ll be taking a bit of a break and will come back full-force with new products, though I can’t say when for sure.  There’s some really exciting stuff coming soon – keep an eye out!  So don’t think of it as a closing down, but a hibernation.


Thanks for being such a wonderful member of the LJD family!

Shine on!

Shinga Zahm

La Jolie Designs Manager